Happy Hour Button

Get ahead of your competition by using our exclusive happy hour games. When making a purchase, customers simply press the button for a chance to win a pre-determined offer.

  • Excellent tool for drawing customers to your venue on quieter nights of the week
  • Also proven to keep customers in venue for longer, great for busy periods that can drop off suddenly such as football matches
  • Offers & outcomes are created and managed by you, you will never give away more stock or discount than desired
  • Includes a full logging system to use against your EPoS

The happy hour games come as part of our Beebox Entertainment System package.

Beebox hardware rental from £10+VAT per week Add on happy hour games for £10+VAT per week

Happy hour button game for pubs and bars, casino version, push the button

Happy hour button for pubs & bars, push button game

Happy hour button for pubs & bars, push button games










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