Beebox – Pub, Bar & Restaurant music and digital signage system

BeeBox is an easy to use, PC based system, designed by publicans for the hospitality industry. Each system is bespoke to the venue and features can be added on over time according to your needs.

The system consists of:

  • music
  • music videos
  • karaoke
  • digital signage
  • happy hour button
  • on screen games

"Beebox provides all the tools I need to generate a varied entertainment schedule across the week as well as keeping my budget in check as I am not paying for DJ’s or quiz masters."

Colin Coombes

Colin Coombes

The Doxy Lad


Music Scheduler

Over 100 professionally curated playlists available to save you time and ensure the music in your venue enhances the customer experience.

BeeBox Request Screen Girl

DJ Control

Save money by using the inbuilt DJ control, allowing tracks to be selected and mixed without the need for a professional DJ.                  

Request Screen

Install one of our request screens in your venue and allow customers to pick their favourite tracks.

Music Videos

Grab your customer’s attention by displaying the latest music videos on your TV screens.


Innstay - BeeBox Karaoke

An old time favourite, sure to draw in the crowds. Our standard package offers 6000 tracks which are regularly updated. Our premium package offers 12,000 tracks which are also regularly updated.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage - Montage

Turn your TV screens into revenue boosters, with BeeBox digital signage packages.

Licensee edits digital signage template
Above: Licensee edits digital signage template


Choose from over 1000 easy to edit signage templates covering all major brands, events & offers.

Upload Your Ads

Easily upload your own graphics direct to the system or send them to our support team and we’ll take care of this for you.

Digital Signage, Beebox

Social Media Feeds

Why not link Beebox to your Facebook & Twitter accounts to display your latest news and offers on screen?

Sports Fixtures

Display the latest Sky Sports and BT Sports fixtures list on your screens and advertise up and coming games you’ll be showing on site.

Train Times

If you’re near a train station why not keep your customers up to date with train departure times.

Funny Videos

The funny video clips included in your BeeBox digital signage are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

Photo Galleries

Display photo slideshows throughout your venue, this works especially well for functions and event nights.

Happy Hour Button

Innstay - BeeBox happy hour button

Get ahead of your competition by using our exclusive happy hour button games. When making a purchase at the bar, customers simply press the button for a chance to win a pre-determined offer.

Offers and outcomes are created and managed by you, you will never give away more stock or discount than desired.

"The happy hour button has really helped create a great atmosphere and my weekends are booming."

Colin Coombes

Colin Coombes

The Doxy Lad

On Screen Games

Our popular suite of games work very well as part of your weekly activities.

Games include:

  • Key to the box
  • Hi-lo cards
  • Quiz including music quiz
  • Bingo
  • Get the deal
  • Raffle ticket picker
  • Random number generator

"Key to the box has been a great success, I currently play this every Saturday night and it really does draw in the crowds. Our current jackpot is sitting at over £1100.00 and has been known to be double that."

Colin Coombes

Colin Coombes

The Doxy Lad

Race Night

Our race night package has 30 pre-recorded horse races with commentary. A tote calculator is also included.

Suggested Packages

Premium Package
£65/pw +VAT
Beebox Hardware
Digital Signage
Happy Hour Button
On Screen Games
Full Service & Support
Popular Package
£35/pw +VAT
Beebox Hardware
Digital Signage
On Screen Games
Full Service & Support
Music Package
£25/pw +VAT
Beebox Hardware
Full Service & Support

Interested in seeing how it works? Watch our video

BeeBox Innstay Promotional Video from BeeBox Systems on Vimeo.

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