Terms & Conditions

Prices:- all prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added at the applicable rate on the date of dispatch.

Rental terms & charges:- all Innstay rental agreements are for a 12 month minimum period. Should any items be removed within the first 12 months of the agreement then the remaining term will be charged. After the initial 12 months rental term then the notice period is 4 weeks for removal. Items can be removed at short notice but contractual notice charges still apply.

Support:- our support team are here to help create content using the current library of templates, quotations are available for any additional graphic design work. We will endeavour to complete content requests within 2 working days.

Service & Installation:- all service and installation prices quoted are valid between normal working hour. If a technician attends site and the fault found is not due to Innstay products a call out charge will be applied to the next invoice.

Call Out Charges:- (non-fault) £75+VAT for the first hour on site, £45+VAT per every additional hour.

Warranty:- all of our products listed are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Any products installed on a rental basis remain the property and responsibility of Innstay who will repair or replace any faulty items.

Damage:- any Innstay equipment damaged on site is the responsibility of the site and will be invoiced accordingly, this also includes any theft/loss of equipment.

Installation:- Installation payments are due prior to any work being carried out.

PPL/PRS:- Is the responsibility of the venue owner.

Internet:- It is the responsibility of the customer to have an active internet line on site which will allow Innstay to fully support the products installed. Without this Innstay cannot be held responsible for longer periods of down-time and call out fees will be applied for issues that could otherwise be solved remotely.

Payment:- payment terms are 30 days in advance, payment is to be made by the first of every month. If payment is to be taken from the collection of Bob Rudd machines then any shortfalls must be paid on date of collection, failure to do so will result in the late payment policy.

Late Payment Policy:- Any late payments will be subject to an admin charge of £25.00, all systems will be suspended until payment is up to date.

Disclaimer:- Innstay cannot be held responsible for any works carried out at a site/location as pointed out in the above terms & conditions. Innstay are only responsible for the products supplied and their internal working parts, any external issues i.e electrical faults as a result of products on site are the responsibility and liability of the owner/operator.