Who: Colin Coombes at The Doxy Lad

What: BeeBox System with music, karaoke, digital signage, happy hour button and on screen games

Who is your target customer?

“The younger generation as they spend more money generally, the music selection, karaoke and happy hour button has really helped create a great atmosphere and my weekends are booming.”

Why did you choose the BeeBox?

“Due to having the system in a previous outlet I ran I wanted Beebox installed from the moment I opened, Innstay were great they took care of all of my needs including the installation of all my new sound equipment.  Beebox provides all the tools I need to generate a varied entertainment schedule across the week as well as keeping my budget in check as I am not paying for DJ’s or quiz masters.  I often put on themed nights such as 80’s or rock n roll and it works a treat.  What I also like is I can tailor the music very easily to the type of customers coming through the door.”

What is your favourite part of the BeeBox?

“Key to the box has been a great success, I currently play this every Saturday night and it really does draw in the crowds. Our current jackpot is sitting at over £1100.00 and has been known to be double that.  Its great fun for all ages.  Furthermore I can easily advertise this using one of the many templates available on Beebox.”

What do you think is the main benefit of Innstay’s BeeBox system?

All in one system for marketing and entertainment.  No need to plan too far in advance if I don’t want to as I can put adhoc nights on at short notice such as karaoke, quiz, bingo and happy hours.”


Would you recommend Innstay/BeeBox?

100% and already have” (we have had 2 referrals via Colin)