Steve The Grandale
I've run 4 race nights using the BeeBox System and have another booked in for next month. The best one we did was about two months in the planning, selling horses and raffle tickets. The guys put a lot of hard work in and it really paid off. They raised over £7000 on the night. We took a lot more than that over the bar which is great for a local community estate pub. It was like Christmas in the Grandale all over again! All in all these are fantastic nights, great entertainment, great for raising money and real value for money. All you need to do is a little hard work selling horses and getting sponsors for some really fantastic returns.
Colin The Doxy Lad
The Key to the box on my BeeBox System has been a great success, I currently play this every Saturday night and it really does draw in the crowds. Our current jackpot is sitting at over £1100.00 and has been known to be double that. Its great fun for all ages. Furthermore I can easily advertise it using one of the many templates available on Beebox.
Paul Queens Social Club
As BeeBox has two sound cards it allows for 2 styles of music to be played simultaneously in each area of the club – this has proven to be a big hit as the bar is often a place for conversation so mild easy listening goes down well, whereas the concert room is much more lively over weekends and BeeBox compliments this really well, encouraging customers to stay for an extra drink or two!